Forestry Management

Responsible Resource Management

Pierce County forest resource lands are managed to maintain and enhance forest health, aesthetics and ecosystem values, with the goal of achieving Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Sustainable Forestry Practices

Management operations consist of periodic, commercial entries to salvage dead, dying, damaged, downed and hazard trees along with the application of sustainable forestry practices that improve the quality and growth of residual trees.

Particular attention is given to protecting and enhancing snags and wildlife trees during management operations. The long term health and viability of forest resources is the ultimate management objective for Pierce County.

Scope of the County's Forested Acreage

There are approximately 1,153 acres of forest resources, consisting of 12 sites of that have merchantable timber and reproduction. The parcels are a mix of county owned and tax title properties, and may be adjacent to other county property being used for purposes other than forest resource acres.

Other County Resources

Real Property Management's responsible stewardship of County owned forest land is one of several programs that contribute to resource sustainability. Learn more about Pierce County environmental protection programs:
Access more detailed information about the county's forest land parcels.