How to Schedule Proceedings

Scheduling Hearings on Commissioners' Dockets

Motions heard on both the morning and afternoon Commissioner dockets at the County-City Building (other than domestic violence, sexual assault protection and vulnerable adult) must be docketed by using the Note for Commissioner's Calendar which shall be electronically filed through LINX, utilizing the drop down e-file menu in order to select the correct docket, date and time.

Defining Terms

The term "filed electronically" as used in current versions of PCLR 7(b)(1)(D), PCLR 7(b)(1)(D)(i), PCLSPR 94.04 (c)(1), PCLSPR 98.04 (b), PCLSPR 98.16 (e), PCLSPR 98.18 (f) and PCLSPR 98.20 (b) relating to the Note for Commissioner's Calendar means using the built-in Note for Commissioner's calendar within the LINX e-filing module so that the note is filed electronically and the proceeding is electronically scheduled.

Correct Filing

Simply e-filing a hard copy of a Note for Commissioner's Calendar without utilizing the drop-down e-file menu within the LINX e-filing module will not properly schedule the motion on the Commissioner's docket. Available dates and times for hearings on the Commissioner's Calendar are contained within the drop-down e-file menu. Attorneys and self-represented parties without LINX access shall contact the clerk's office to schedule matters on the commissioner calendars.