Interpreter Services

How Interpreter Services Operate

Interpreters are managed by Interpreter Services. Over the past twenty years Pierce County courts have used interpreters in up to 80 languages. The law provides for interpreters to be paid at government expense for limited English proficient (LEP) persons in all court and court-annexed proceedings without distinguishing among criminal, civil or administrative matters. The law also extends to provide meaningful access for LEP persons with court-supervised personnel and other court-ordered functions that are conducted outside the courtroom.

Interpreter Staff

There is one full-time coordinator who coordinates for all the interpreter requests and one full-time Spanish interpreter. Our goal is to provide excellent services to the courts and related agencies while managing our resources efficiently.

Contract Interpreters

Interpreters are on personal contract and called on an as-needed basis. Contract interpreters work in many other courts and are not available with less than 48 hours' notice. We send interpreters to superior, district and juvenile courts. We also provide interpreters for district probation, the Prosecutor's Office and the Department of Assigned Counsel (Public Defender's Office). The office acts as referral to other agencies.

Find Out More

Contact the Interpreter Coordinator by phone at (253) 798-6091 or by email to learn more about interpreter services.