Request for Service

Scheduling an Interpreter

For interpreter scheduling, please contact Interpreter Services at (253) 798-6091.

Responsibility of Scheduling

In criminal cases the law indicates that the moving party is responsible for requesting interpreters for in-court matters. When a request comes in, all case information is entered into a master calendar together with the name of the person who requested the interpreter. Interpreters are on personal contract and called on an as-needed basis and may not be available with less than 48 hours' notice.

Necessary Schedule Information

Accurate scheduling information, some of which is on the Notice of Need for Interpreters form, includes:
  • Date and time of hearing
  • Language (Specify Chinese dialect: Mandarin, Cantonese etc.)
  • Location (judge name)
  • Name of case and number
  • Type of proceeding and expected duration (Note: Please notify us of trials or long hearings at least 2 days ahead of time.)

Cancellations & Change of Dates

When a case date is set over, notify Interpreter Services immediately so that the interpreter may be reassigned or canceled. Freelance interpreters are entitled to compensation if a case is canceled with less than 24 hours' notice and 48 hours for sign language interpreters.

Telephone Interpretation - GR 11.2

Phone interpretation is permitted for non-evidentiary hearings under rule GR 11.2.

For More Information

For interpreter requests or information on interpreters' issues, please contact Interpreter Services at (253) 798-6091.