Superior Court Tours

Touring the Courthouse

  • Superior Court no longer provides court house tour guides.
  • Be aware that all persons that enter the County-City Building will pass through an airport-style metal detector. No weapons or items which may be considered a weapon will be allowed in the building.
  • Always cooperate with all Police or Sheriff's Deputies

Self tours

If you plan to tour the Courthouse You will be expected to observe court decorum. While in a courtroom your group will be expected to:
  • Refrain from talking
  • Enter the courtroom quietly
  • Not take photographs without prior approval
  • Turn off cellular phones, mp3 players, tablets, and all other electronic devices
  • No food, beverages, gum, or tobacco products
  • Never enter a courtroom with a "Closed Hearing" sign on the door
  • Not bring pets, only animals which assist people that are physically challenged
  • Not wear a hat or cap in the courtroom
  • Not use profanity, always be polite when speaking
If you need assistance determining names or other information contact the Judicial Assistant when the court is at recess

Additional Information

Please note when touring your group should only attend court proceedings that are appropriate for their age group. To get information on cases for the day of your tour please contact Superior Court Administration at (253) 798-3654.