Facilities Management

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Facilities Management staff provides attractive, well-maintained, secure, clean, accessible, safe, well-planned and managed environments for Pierce County government, through its ConstructionMaintenanceReal PropertySecurity and Resource Conservation divisions.

Learn more about our mission and the principles that guide our efforts.


Deferred Maintenance Prioritization 2017

This report presents the prioritization of deferred maintenance projects presented in the Deferred Maintenance Report Dated September 2016 as requested by Ordinance No, 2016-64s2. 

2015-16 Facilities Management Annual Report

As a support department to County government, we are proud to be of service--helping design workplaces to meet department needs, providing security to safeguard staff, patrons and materials, and finding ways to upgrade our building systems making them smarter and less costly to operate.

The 2015-16 Annual Report highlights just a handful of the projects that Facilities Management completed over the last two years as well as spotlights our staff and the work that they do. At the end of the report you will find information on County owned and leased facilities as well as costs per square feet.