Facilities Management

  Facilities Management
1501 Market Street
Tacoma, WA 98402

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Monday - Friday

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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The Facilities Management Department provides building maintenance, security, grounds, and construction services to County departments and key partners. It oversees the purchase, sale and lease of real estate; manages new construction and significant remodel projects; provides oversight, maintenance, and management of County-owned facilities; and develops and monitors security needs and natural resource consumption.

  • Mission:
    Provide quality spaces that are safe and ready to support Pierce County business each day.
  • Vision: 
    Facilities Management is recognized nationally for exceptional, effective services.
  • Guiding Principles:
    • Value customers’ perspectives
    • Communicate and meet commitments
    • Be fiscally responsible
    • Continuously train and develop our staff
    • Encourage and model a culture of teamwork
    • Engage in continuous improvement and embrace innovation
    • Apply and ensure the best use of all systems, assets, resources, and technology

Priorities & Strategic Planning

1. Continuously Improve Customer Service

Customers are satisfied with services and expectations are met.

● Implement customer satisfaction surveys

● Implement tenant meetings to occur no less than 2 times annually

2. Greater Accountability for Results

Resources and Projects are Managed.

● Develop and operationalize project management tools and practices

● Develop 10-year building maintenance and restoration plan

3. Hire, Develop, and Engage Talented Employees

Employees feel supported and experience job satisfaction.

● Increase staff training, growth opportunities, and evaluations completed

● Increase percent positive average from staff employee engagement survey

Facilities Management 

Strategic Plan

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