Juvenile Court Clerk's Office

About Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court (Remann Hall) is where a judge decides what happens to juveniles accused of breaking the law, or whose parents cannot care for them, or whose behavior makes them "at risk" or in need of services.

Cases Handled by Juvenile Court

In Pierce County, the Juvenile Court is located at Remann Hall, the juvenile detention facility. There are four courtrooms located within the facility to hear the following types of cases:

  • At-Risk Youth (ARY) - This proceeding is for parents to obtain the assistance and support of the Juvenile Court in maintaining parental authority and responsibility for their child under age 18. (Effective 7-23-95). A verification of family assessment must be obtained from Family Reconciliation Services by phone at (800) 422-7517 or in person at:
    1949 S. State St.
    Tacoma, WA 98405
  • Child In Need Of Services (CHINS) - This proceeding is to temporarily place a child under age 18 in a residence other than the home of his/her parent because a serious conflict exists between the parent and child. (Effective 7-23-95). A verification of family assessment must be done by the Family Reconciliation Services (see address above). The verification may also be done by Pierce County Daytime Intake, who can be contacted by phone at (253) 983-6100 or (800) 422-7517. After 4:30 p.m., weekends and holidays; please call Central Intake at (800) 562-5624.
  • Dependency
  • Emancipation of Minor - Any minor who is 16 years of age and a resident of the state, may petition the court for a Declaration of Emancipation. This is a civil motion and requires a $50 filing fee. (Effective 1-1-94)
  • Lift Sex Offender Registration Requirement
  • Offender - Cases resulting from a complaint filed against a juvenile accused of breaking the law. This criminal act may be a felony, gross misdemeanor, or misdemeanor offense.
  • Reinstatement of Driving Privilege - Early reinstatement of driving privileges is possible if a juvenile successfully completes his/her Diversion requirements.
  • Truancy - Upon a child's fifth unexcused absence in a month, or upon a tenth unexcused absence in a year, the school district files a truancy petition in Juvenile Court. The petition can allege violations of truancy laws by the parent, child, or both. (Effective 9-1-95)
  • Vulnerable Youth Guardianship Petition - Beginning February 1, 2023, Vulnerable Youth Guardianship Petitions will be reviewed by the court based solely on the pleadings, unless appearances are requested by the reviewing judicial officer.  To this end, it is important that both a hearing be scheduled and all appropriate pleadings be filed in advance of the hearing date with the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office.