Courtroom Conduct


  • Be respectful and quiet when observing in the courtroom
  • Exercise self-control no matter what is said in the courtroom
  • Turn off your cell phone or pager
  • Speak respectfully when addressing the judicial officer and other courtroom staff Answer “Yes, your honor” or “No, your honor” to the judicial officer’s questions
  • Ask the questioner to repeat or clarify any questions that you do not understand
  • Direct your answers to and make eye contact with the person who asks a question

Do Not

  • Chew gum or bring food or beverages into the courtroom
  • Read the newspaper, listen to music, use your phone or laptop or talk to other people while waiting in the courtroom
  • Make faces, roll your eyes, or otherwise show negative reactions to something happening in the courtroom
  • Argue with the judicial officer or courtroom staff. Don’t act angry or short-tempered with the judicial officer even if you are upset by your case
  • Interrupt
  • React to the answer of witnesses or to the questions of the other parties to display your displeasure