What to Expect at Court

Arrive Early & Dress Appropriately

Arrive early for your initial hearing. You or your child will need to sign in at Juvenile Court before the initial hearing, so leave plenty of time to find the appropriate place to sign. You will be directed to the area in which you will wait for the hearing.

Have your child dress nicely. Although your child doesn't have to go all out and dress flashy for court, he/she should be neat and clean. This is showing respect for a court of law and that your child cares about the outcome of the case.

Waiting Times

Plan to be at the initial hearing for a few hours. Generally, courts hear cases in groups. Many cases are set for the same time and they are heard one right after the other. There is the chance that many cases will be heard before your child's and that you will have to wait.


Court officials may have paperwork for you or need to meet with you before your hearing, so please listen for your name to be called.

Civil Matters

If you are coming to court for a civil matter, please bring valid photo identification to ensure you are a party to the case. Due to confidentiality matters the Clerk’s Office can’t give information about civil cases unless they can prove that you are a listed party.