Advantages (Community & Youth)

Advantages to the Community

  • Diversion is a means to deal with local problems by utilizing local volunteers who represent the community's best interest. It allows the community to assume responsibility for its juvenile crime problems and makes the young person accountable to the community for their behavior. Diverting a substantial number of juvenile offenders also allows the court to spend the necessary time and resources on the more serious and chronic offenders in the system.
  • Diversion is considerably less expensive than formal court processing.
  • The Diversion program works with community service organizations, counseling services, the police, the schools, the young people themselves and their families thus providing a community response to juvenile crime.

Advantages to the Young Person

  • The diversion process is confidential and private, unlike court proceedings which are public. Diversion is also more convenient and less time-consuming than going to Juvenile Court.
  • The Diversion program normally conducts its meetings in the evening or at a time that is convenient to the young person and their family.
  • A Diversion Agreement cannot require a young person to serve time in detention (jail).