Community Service Assignments

Community Service Work Locations

Youth may be required to perform community service work by the Juvenile Court or the Diversion Program. The individual agency has to be a non-profit business; this means it cannot make money from your service to its business. The most common businesses are your local police and fire departments, libraries, schools, hospitals, food banks and/or churches. There are also supervised community service work crews assigned through the Diversion Program.

Required Documentation

At individual work sites, it is important to have your assigned supervisor keep a written log of the dates and times you attended your hours because you will need to provide the Diversion Program with written documentation of completion.

Keeping With Your Timeline

It is also important to select a site that meets your needs. You may want to inquire as to how many hours you may work in any given day and how soon you would be able to start and complete. You will want to let the work site know that you have a timeline to report back to the Diversion Program.