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A career with Pierce County is your opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day, as each employee plays a role in supporting a livable Pierce County where people choose to live, work, and play. Whether you are serving our great community by providing public resource maintenance, social services, administrative support, legal advocacy, protecting our community, or monitoring stormwater and sewer systems, you are joining a team aimed at working together to support a livable Pierce County.

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Pierce County is committed to providing employees with benefits that will help them with their healthcare needs while safeguarding the resources provided by taxpayers.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Pierce County, diversity, equity, and inclusion means commitment, not a single step. We strive to foster an inclusive environment that supports equitable access to opportunities throughout your career. Our missions it to promote and foster a workplace culture in Pierce County that embraces, demonstrates, and celebrates the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion -- reflecting the community in which we serve and live.

Career Spotlight

Fire Investigations

County Executive Bruce Dammeier goes behind the scenes of a real fire investigation with Deputy Fire Marshal Cole Roberts. It involves a burglary and a horse trailer. Where did the fire start and why?

Women in Engineering

Pierce County has smart, accomplished women engineers in leadership roles. From road projects to wastewater and everything in between, meet a few of them in this video.

Planning and Public Works

What does Pierce County Planning & Public Works do? Take a look!

DEI Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

Navi Phay works for the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, providing social services and helpline support to victims of domestic violence. Find out how her family's story of immigrating from Cambodia and coming to Tacoma inspired the work she does today.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Join Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier on a tour of the SoundGRO plant to see how wastewater solids are turned into fertilizer.

Pierce County Code Enforcement

Visit a code enforcement site on the Key Peninsula with Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier. Learn more about the code enforcement process and how code officials work with the Sheriff's Department to clean up nuisance properties.


It’s meaningful, challenging work. Local government is significant because our work is ultimately tied to building and improving communities. County leadership takes the aspirations of residents and the policy goals of the elected and puts those goals into action. 

Diversity is embraced. During my second week as an executive assistant, I received an email from a colleague which read, “There are not many women of color that are in our positions. I love seeing that you are in your new role. It inspires me that one day I can do the same.”  She included an inspirational poem written by Amanda Gorman titled, “The Miracle of Morning.” It didn’t dawn on me that I was the first Asian-American in this position. But another colleague did – and that’s major. 

I’m invested in my community. There are a lot of ways people contribute — by volunteering at a food bank or coaching a little league team. But working for Pierce County means I’m investing in my community where I live, work and play, five days a week, every week of the year. When I sit down at my desk each day, I know my efforts are contributing to the bigger picture. And so are yours!

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