Sheriff Department Jobs (Civil Service)

Civil Service Application & Examination Process

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is actively recruiting for Corrections Deputy and Deputy Sheriff.

You can take the Deputy Sheriff written exam and physical abilities test (PAT) for FREE with Public Safety Testing.

You can take the Corrections Deputy written exam and physical abilities test (PAT) for FREE with National Testing Network. All you need to do is complete the checkout process.

  • Once applicants pass the written exam and PAT, they will be invited to complete an application on the County's website to be ranked and placed on a civil service employment register. Applicants who are placed on the register will undergo a comprehensive pre-employment background investigation.
  • For minimum requirements to apply, background standards and additional information, please read the job announcement on the testing website.

Application Process for positions other than Corrections Deputy and Deputy Sheriff

  • Applications are accepted online when there is an open recruitment announcement (See Pierce County Open Jobs).
  • Only Pierce County online applications are accepted; resumes or other materials are not accepted in lieu of an application.

Civil Service Examination Process

  • Examinations are required for all Sheriff’s Department positions.
  • Examinations consist of written multiple choice examinations, performance examinations, a physical fitness examination or a combination of examinations.
  • Applicants are ranked on an employment register based on their examination scores and referred for position vacancies as needed.

Hiring Standards & Background Investigation Process

  • Applicants must meet Sheriff’s Department hiring standards and successfully complete the background investigation process.
  • Failure to successfully complete any phase of the Sheriff’s Department hiring process is cause for removal from the employment register.