VEBA Health Reimbursement Account 

HRA VEBA Details

Defined by the IRS as a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), HRA VEBA is a type of health plan that reimburses qualified health care costs and insurance premiums for you, your spouse and qualified dependents. The funding source for Pierce County's HRA VEBA program is sick leave cash out upon retirement. Funds are deposited tax-free into participant accounts held by the nonprofit, tax-exempt HRA VEBA Trust, a VEBA authorized under section 501(c)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • You pay no tax on contributions, earnings, or withdrawals (claims).
  • You can use your account anytime after it is opened.
  • Your unused account balance carries over from year to year.
  • You can invest your account among the available investment funds, including any one of four premixed portfolios.

The Voting Process

In 2009, Pierce County employees through their bargaining units or as part of a non-represented employee group began voting on whether to participate in the HRA VEBA program. Voting occurs every year between August-October for the following calendar year participation period.  Qualified non-represented employees eligible to vote will be contacted through the Benefits department on the voting process.  Participating bargaining units will conduct their own voting process and contact eligible employee each year within the August-October time frame.  The results of each separate vote will be documented on an annual election confirmation form.  

2023 Calendar Year Vote Results

Yes - 100% of sick leave balance. 

2023 Participating Groups

  • Unrepresented employees
  • Teamsters Local 117
  • AFSCME Local 120J
  • 1889 & 1889CS - Sheriff's Guild & Community Service Officers
  • AFSCME Local 3752LT - Correctional Lieutenants
  • Captain's Association
  • PPAA - Prosecuting Attorney's Association
  • U17A - Professional Technical Engineers 
  • U17S - Professional Technical Engineers Supervisors 
  • IAM Local U297 
  • LOCAL 483 – IBEW


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