Instructor Qualifications

Qualifications of Instructors

A team of not less than two instructors, one male and one female shall conduct the Impact on Children seminar. Instructors should be familiar with the required statutory provisions of parenting plans and have the following minimum credentials and experience:
  • An ability to work with other agencies as part of a collaborative program
  • Experience in providing a wide range of mental health services to children and families, with specific experience in the areas of separation / divorce, loss and grief and blended families
  • Extensive knowledge of child development, age appropriate expectations for children and positive parenting
  • Master's degree in social work, psychology or other related behavioral science
  • Strong oral communications skills
  • Substantial knowledge of the impact on children of alcohol / drug abuse by family members
  • Supervised experience in treatment of emotionally disturbed children, adolescents and their families

Changes in instructors shall not occur without approval by the judges' committee. Instructors may not solicit business during the seminar.

For More Information

For more information, please contact the Superior Court by by phone at (253) 798-3654 or by email.