Program Administration

Administration of Program

Read about the various aspects of the administration of the Impact on Children seminar below:

  • Attendance at Seminar

    In no case shall opposing parties be required to attend a seminar together, nor more than one seminar.
  • Certificate of Completion

    The provider shall give each attendee a certificate of completion. The certificate shall include the name of the person attending the seminar, the location and date of attendance and the Superior Court cause number. The provider shall also advise each attendee that he or she must file their certificate of completion with the court.
  • Evaluations

    The provider shall conduct anonymous written evaluations at the end of each of seminar. A report summarizing the responses shall be given to the Superior Court Judges' Committee quarterly.
  • Fees

    Collection of the fees are the responsibility of the approved provider. The seminars shall be conducted at no cost to the county's general revenue allocation to the court.
  • Instructors

    Changes in instructors shall not occur without approval of the Superior Court Judges' Committee. Instructors may not solicit business during the seminar.
  • Location of Seminars

    The provider shall propose the location(s) of seminars to accommodate seminar attendees who will come from all areas of Pierce County.
  • Number and Length of Seminars

    The provider shall develop a schedule of seminars that will accommodate individuals who work during the day and those who work during the evenings.
  • Number of Participants

    The provider shall propose a minimum and maximum number of participants for each seminar, as well as indicate the minimum number of participants required in order to present the seminar.
  • Sliding Fee Scale and Waiver

    The provider shall develop a sliding fee scale and waiver for individuals unable to pay (indigent parties).
  • Find Out More

    View a list of currently approved providers in Pierce County.