Veterans Advisory Board


It is the mission of Pierce County Veterans Assistance Program is to honor all veterans by providing the highest quality programs possible. To assist, a Veterans Advisory Board has been established by Pierce County.  Meetings usually occur on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.


The Veterans Advisory Board was created pursuant to RCW 73.08.035, Pierce County Ordinance No. 2016-89s and Pierce County Code Chapter 2.75, to advise the County on needs of local indigent veterans, the resources available to local indigent veterans, and programs that could benefit the needs of local indigent veterans and their families. 

The Veteran’s Advisory Board consists of 11 voting members appointed by Pierce County Executive and confirmed by a majority of the County Council. Members must be current residents of Pierce County and must be honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. military, selected from either local branches or nationally recognized veteran’s service organizations. 

Veterans Advisory Board members are appointed to a 4-year term and are limited to two-consecutive full terms. 

Upcoming Meetings

  • January 18, 2022 
  • March 15, 2022
  • May 17, 2022

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