Administrative Guidelines

Administrative Guidelines 

This document describes the various policies which apply to Pierce County employees. Bold text in the Guidelines document is codified as part of the Pierce County Code.
Examples of topics included are:
  • Benefits and leaves
  • Code of ethics
  • Domestic violence policy
  • Drug free workplace policy
  • Transfers, layoffs, and resignation


Although many provisions of the Administrative Guidelines apply to all County employees, most non-executive branch departments, including Superior Court, District Court, Juvenile Court, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and the County Council have separate guidelines and policies which apply specifically to employees of the department.

2022 Changes to the Administrative Guidelines

On March 1, 2022, Pierce County Council passed Ordinance 2022-6, which caused the current changes to the Administrative Guidelines for the Career Service to become effective on March 17, 2022. changing the title of the Administrative Guidelines (removing “for the Career Service”) throughout, replacing references of weekly to “bi-weekly” and division of scheduled weekly hours from five to “ten.”  Highlights of other amendments are as follows:

3.08 Definitions

Changes to section 120C to add pre-approval requirement on Extra Hire position, strike length requirements. Changes to section 140 to strike “for the Career Service.”

3.14 Whistleblower Protection

Changes to section 010A to strike “for the Career Service.”

3.16 Equal Employment Opportunity

Updates to language in sections 010, 030, 070, 080, and 090 to bring in line with current law and add language for deferral to another forum. Update position title to “EEO Officer.”

3.38 Employee Performance Evaluation

Updates to language in section 040 regarding employee response to evaluation for clarification.

3.40 Personnel Board Appeals

Changes to section 020 and 025 to strike “for the Career Service.”

3.52 Working Conditions

Updates to language in section 032C (Wages and Hours) and 034 (Overtime and FLSA). Changes to 040A to pay employees for working a holiday, and 040B to clarify reimbursement for a used but not earned furlough day. Adds clarifying language to 140C (Paid Personal Holiday) and a new section 150 Required Training.

3.67 Family and Medical Leave

Adds and deletes language to keep up with state and federal legislation, including Paid Family Medical Leave. Removes references to state SMLA; repealed 1/1/2020.

3.68 Sick Leave

Change to bi-weekly computation in section 010 & 060. Change to language in 010 regarding extra hire employee’s eligibility for sick leave payout.

3.69 Humanitarian Catastrophic Leave Bank

Updates to language regarding definition in section 020D and a change in language regarding accruals and step counters in section 060B.

3.70 Shared Sick Leave Program

Updates from individual donations to a donation pool and better defines purpose, policy, definitions, permissible uses, eligibility, qualifying use, criteria for approval, donation of hours, administration, and criteria for use. Strike “for the Career Service.”

3.72 Vacation Leave

Changes to section 020 and 040 change to bi- weekly computation. Updated language in section 060.

3.76 Leave of Absence with Pay

Add language in section 010 for clarification. Change from 14 days to 30 days in section 030 Bereavement Leave.

3.80 Leave of Absence without Pay

Updates to language to bring in line with law and PFML. New section 100 Unpaid Leave Due to Reduction of Hours.