Energy Assistance Program (EAP)


All available LIHEAP and LIHWAP appointments have been filled for the rest of the program year. Please contact your utility company to make payment arrangements. Please come back October 24, 2022 to check the status of the program.

PSE customers can make an appointment by calling 253-798-4328. 
If you have been disconnected call 253-798-3590 and leave a message.

Important update about air conditioning units

To be eligible for an Air Conditioner or Air Purifier unit, you must be eligible for LIHEAP. Please note: Air purifiers are only offered in connection with an active State of Emergency declared by the Governor for Wildfire Emergencies and are only offered in those counties named in the declaration.

If you currently qualify for LIHEAP, please call (253) 798-4400. Otherwise, please call (253) 798-4328 to schedule an over-the-phone appointment. If you live within Tacoma city limits, please call Metropolitan Development Council at (253) 572-5557. 

Need help paying energy bill? Call 253-798-HEAT
Call 253-798-4328 to schedule an over the phone appointment. It's that easy!
If you applied online, our Energy Assistance team will reach out to you shortly.

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) pays heating bills directly to utility companies for eligible applicants. Payments are based on eligible household’s fuel usage for the past 12 months and income.

Eligible applicants must provide social security cards, a photo ID, and documents to verify your address and income. Applicants must also meet the below guidelines to receive assistance:

 Family Size Monthly Income (LIHEAP) Monthly Income (PSE Help)
1 $1,610                 
2 $2,178                 
3 $2,745 $5,450
$3,316 $6,054
$3,880 $6,542
$4,448 $7,025
$5,015 $7,508
8 $5,583 $7,992
9 $6,150 $8,479
10 $6,718 $8,963

If you live within the city limits of Tacoma, apply here: Tacoma Assistance


To apply please call 253-798-4328.
For questions or other translations, please call 253-798-4400 (Option 0).