Long-Term Care Ombudsman

A Voice for Residents

Program staff and certified volunteers work in nursing homes, adult family homes, and boarding homes. Certified ombudsmen are a listening ear and a voice for residents of long-term care settings.

Ombudsmen educate residents, staff, families and the community about long-term care issues, resources, resident rights and quality of life in long-term care settings. 


Pierce County Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Connect by email or phone: 253-798-3789 or 800-642-5769


  • Working with staff and residents for quality care and quality of life for the residents
  • Pointing out successes as well as areas that need additional work and resources
  • Speak for those residents who are unable to speak for themselves
  • Advocate for resident choices
  • Negotiate solutions to problems
  • Speak for the residents’ choice
  • Work with facilities to develop policies and address areas of potential conflict


A certified ombudsman is assigned to visit with residents in long term care facilities. Each volunteer receives extensive training before being assigned. Frequent in-service training is scheduled during regularly held monthly meetings. In addition, the ombudsman is informed as to other training available in the area and is encouraged to attend. 

Make A Complaint

If you or someone you know resides in a licensed long-term care facility and have a complaint or need advocacy, please complete the online complaint form and a certified long-term care ombudsman will contact you within two days. You can also reach us by phone at 253-798-3789 or by email at pcccadrombuds@piercecountywa.gov