Rules & Policies

Conduct in all Pierce County public parks and facilities is subject to all the general policy regulations of Pierce County as well as Pierce County Parks Code 14.08.

Pierce County Parks Code of Conduct Policy

Pierce County Parks strives to create an atmosphere of respect and courtesy. Our citizens expect appropriate behavior and treatment of others from all department employees, park patrons, and program participants. Pursuant to this Policy, all employees, volunteers, affiliates, vendors, contractors, and any individual or entity acting on behalf of Pierce County Parks are expected to act in a positive, safe respectful and considerate manner without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, national ancestry, sex, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, military service or veteran status, gender identity or expression, mental or physical disability, or genetic information.

 Therefore, everyone utilizing public park and recreation facilities shall:

  • Act in a manner that is respectful to other patrons, participants, staff, volunteers, and officials
  • Abide by program and facility rules and regulations
  • Treat all people, public and private property, County facilities, and equipment with dignity and respect
  • Cooperate with and assist County staff in maintaining a fun, safe, and accessible environment

Pierce County Parks will not tolerate any physical, mental, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse by anyone working within, visiting a facility, or participating in an activity sponsored by Pierce County Parks. As employees, volunteers, or affiliates of Pierce County Parks, we must work to promote the practice of non­ discrimination, respect, and dignity among our patrons and guests.

Patrons of our Parks and Programs

Pierce County Parks strives to provide the best park experience for our community and therefore any person acting in an inappropriate, illegal manner or being disrespectful to the park, staff or other patrons may be subject to expulsion or removal from Pierce County Parks' facilities. This applies to inappropriate actions that may occur either in person, over the phone, through email, and/or on social media applications. In addition, Pierce County Parks may prohibit person(s) from participating in Department activities or programs, and/or Pierce County properties for a period as determined by the Director or management staff based on specific incident circumstances or behaviors. The following behaviors may result in immediate removal from a Pierce County Park or facility: 

  • Dangerous behavior stemming from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other intoxicating substances
  • Discourtesy or rudeness to another patron or staff member or conduct that endangers staff or others
  • Verbal, physical, or visual harassment of another patron or staff member including the use of profanity, demeaning language, intimidation, lewd/indecent behavior, or bullying
  • Use of inappropriate language, tone, and/or volume when communicating to staff or other patrons whether in person or on the phone.

Pierce County Parks Policies

It shall be unlawful in any park, without first securing a permit from the Director or designee, for any person to:

  • Use a public address system or other sound amplifying device;
  • Use, place or erect any signboard, sign, billboard, bulletin board, post, pole, or device of any kind for advertising in any park or to attach any notice, bill, poster, sign, wire, rod or card to any tree, shrub, railing, post or structure, or erect a structure of any kind;
  • Sell refreshments or merchandise or engage in any business or occupation;
  • Use any park facility for the purpose of having any watercraft for hire;
  • Launch waterborne craft from any shoreline except from specifically designated areas or with a specific permit. The launching of waterborne craft as provided in this Section shall be unlawful if the required fee as determined by Ordinance has not been paid;
  • Take up collections or to act as or apply the vocation of a solicitor, agent, peddler, beggar, strolling musician, organ grinder, exhorter, barker, or showman within a park;
  • Hold any organized runs, walks, races, trials, or competitions;
  • Hold any shows, festivals, fundraisers, carnivals, parades, or similar activities;
  • Host-organized activities that utilize a substantial area in the park for group activities or which restrict public use of the area;
  • Host commercial activities that charge for services, such as lessons, or clinics hosted by the vendor;
  • Sailboard, other than in designated areas;
  • Operate drones, aircraft, model aircraft, model rockets, or hot air balloons;
  • Parachute, hang glide,  or parasail;
  • Moor watercraft, other than in designated areas;
  • Engage in paintballing or survival games;
  • Participate in archery, other than in designated areas; or
  • Engage in disaster drills; or
  • Operate any vehicle other than in designated areas; or
  • Metal detect, excavate, remove, or deface any historical, archaeological, or cultural resource. Such activities shall be subject to all state and federal regulations.
  • PCC 14.08.040

If the Director or designee finds that the safety, comfort, and convenience of the public in the use of the parks, or in the use of the area adjacent to the park, would be unduly disturbed, the Director or designee may deny the application, impose restrictions upon the permit or issue a permit for a different date, time, park, or park area to alleviate such disturbance. The Director or designee may issue a permit for use of the park during hours when the park is closed. 

Pierce County Parks Rules & Regulations

  • Boat launching can occur in designated areas only. No person shall launch a boat in Pierce County park facilities, except in an area specifically designated and/or marked for that purpose.

Other Parks Rules & Regulations

  • Loitering in vehicles is prohibited.
  • For safety, swim only in designated areas. There are no lifeguards at our county parks.
  • Please use trash receptacles.
  • Discharge of firearms is prohibited.
  • No fireworks or open fires.
  • Loud music is prohibited.
  • Drive carefully and cautiously and enjoy your visit.
  • PCC 14.08.060

Violations of any of the Park Code Chapter 36.68 RCW are unlawful and shall constitute a Class 3 Civil Infraction pursuant to Chapter 1.16 PCC. In addition, every person failing to comply with any provision of the Pierce County Code or the Revised Code of Washington while in the park system shall be subject to immediate ejection from the park system. The Director or designee and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department are authorized and directed to enforce the provisions of this Chapter. (PCC 14.08.130)

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