Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail

In Memory

Named in honor of Sgt. Nathan Chapman, a South Hill resident, the Chapman Memorial Trail connects South Hill Community Park with the Heritage Recreation Center.

Chapman's motto was 'Stand Up and Do Something.' He was remembered by his friends as dynamic, outgoing and charismatic. He told his wife he joined the Green Berets to fight against injustice and to help free oppressed people. The Special Forces motto is 'Liberating the Oppressed.' Nate Chapman served 12.5 years in the Army.

About the Trail

This paved trail system is about 1.6 miles long and surrounded by large trees and beautiful scenery, creating an easy and enjoyable walk to either the South Hill Community Park or Heritage Recreation Center. 


Entrance from South Hill Community Park:

14201 - 86th Ave. E.
Puyallup, WA 98375  (map)

GPS Coordinates

  • South Hill Park Entrance
    y 659478.99796 Longitude - 122.31208
    x 1189387.43473 Latitude - 47.12753
  • Heritage Recreation Center Entrance
    y 663175.75775 Longitude - 122.3062
    x 1190937.23126 Latitude - 47.13776