Etiquette for Equestrians


  • Make sure your horse has the temperament and training for riding on congested public trails. Busy multi-use trails are not the proper place for schooling green horses.
  • Leave the parking area cleaner than you found it. Put any droppings, hay and garbage back in your trailer.
  • Use common sense in crowded areas.
  • Cantering / galloping on crowded trails endangers everyone.
  • Dismount and remove your horse from the trail if you begin experiencing behavior problems.
  • Stay on the equestrian trail provided on either side of the asphalt. Do not ride on the asphalt.
  • Dismount to cross bridges and wait until other users are clear before crossing.
  • Step off the trail (if possible) if your horse needs to relieve himself. Dismount and kick the droppings off the trail.
  • Protect the trail environment, do not remove things that belong on trails or blaze new trails.
  • Tie only to designated hitching posts or your trailer and don't leave horses unattended.
  • Become the eyes and ears of the trail system. Inform other equestrians of these guidelines.