Trail Safety Tips

Check Your Car

Do not leave valuables in your car. Nothing ruins a fabulous trail experience then having your car broken into at the trailhead. Car break-ins at trailheads are relatively rare, but they do happen and they tend to cycle from area to area.

Safety Tips

  • Do not leave anything valuable in your car. Wallets, cameras, iPods and other electronic equipment seem to be a target.
  • Remember that the glove compartment and trunk are not safe. It is easy for a thief to break a window and pop open your trunk from inside the car.
  • Remember that trailhead thieves are not looking to steal cars, they are looking for credit cards and electronic equipment they can quickly sell for cash.
  • If you do experience a break-in, be sure to report it to law enforcement authorities. This helps us determine where the problem areas are and try to provide better surveillance.
  • Read the trail rules for more safety information.