Administrative Services - Budget, Training

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is organized into three bureaus:
  • Operations
  • Corrections (Jail)
  • Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Bureau is in charge of agency support services as well as some direct operations of Budget, Hiring and Background, Training, Civil, Court Security, Technology, Crime Analysis, Contract Services, Quartermaster, Property Room and Internal Affairs:
  • The Administrative Services Bureau maintains a property room which, in 2014,  processed 35, 149 items of evidence and property from 14,696 cases, including 1,170 guns and 2,270 narcotics entries.
  • The Bureau is also in charge of the Department’s Information Technology component and is responsible for maintaining and updating computers for staff members.
  • Recruitment and selection and maintaining standards in this vital area falls to members of this Bureau as does the Internal Investigations function.
  • Training comes under this Bureau with the state mandating that at least 40 hours of training be given to each Deputy and 30 hours of training to each Corrections Deputy every year.