Naches Trail Preserve

4414 Military Road East
Tacoma, WA 98446 (map)

This 50-acre Preserve was set aside in 2003 for the protection of wildlife and education. The acreage is one of the few remaining undeveloped tracts in the area and represents part of the natural and cultural history of the community. Besides the natural resources, it is located along the route of the Naches Trail, a historic route originated by the Native American, military, and early settlers. 

Newly built gravel paths and split-rail fencing lead visitors through a Garry oak prairie remnant on the banks of Clover Creek. The preserve is a wonderful respite from a busy day, spending time in nature strolling among tall trees, native plants, and an abundance of wildlife. 

Please help us create a safe place for wildlife by leaving your dogs and pets at home as they are not permitted within the nature preserve.

image of Naches Trail Preserve Entry Sign

Located in the Frederickson community, approximately 10 miles southeast of Tacoma at 43rd Avenue East on the south side of Military Road East, the Preserve is surrounded on the north, west, and south by existing or planned residential development. Cross Park borders the property on the east.

The Preserve was acquired with a combination of funds from a Conservation Futures grant and Pierce County Surface Water Management funds. Pierce County Parks is now the custodian.