Bicycling is easy, enjoyable and good for you. It strengthens your heart and cardiovascular system and exercises the joints of the hip, knee and ankle. 

Bike Maps

Looking for bicycling maps?

You can order the Washington Bicycle Map or view copies of other local and regional bicycling maps from around the state online.

Bicycle Laws

  • Washington State Bicycling Laws
  • Pierce County Bicycle Helmet Law
    Any person bicycling or riding as a bicycle passenger on or in tow of a bicycle upon any public area in unincorporated Pierce County shall wear an approved bicycle helmet designed for safety that meets or exceeds the standards adopted in Section 10.22.010 C., and shall have either the neck or chin strap of the helmet fastened securely while the bicycle is in motion. The law is intended to minimize injuries involving bicyclists and motorists. Head injuries are a major cause of death or disability and studies have shown that bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by 85%.

Bicycle Clubs

Riding a bike is a great family activity and hundred of thousands of cyclists around the U.S. share the experience each year by participating in bicycle clubs.

Cycling Options

  • Pierce County Non-Motorized Transportation Plan