Cooperative Play

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People of all ages and ability levels can enjoy cooperative play games and activities. The concept behind cooperative play is simple, people play with each other rather than against one another.

The games focus on cooperation rather than competition and they can be played virtually anywhere with little equipment needed. They can be a wonderful way to bring people together. When the right games are chosen for your group they almost always result in total involvement ,feelings of acceptance and lots of smiling faces. 

For more information or to book any of the Cooperative Play options below, contact Jen at (253)798-4753 or email.

Skill Building Recess Program

Two recreation specialists will come to your school and teach cooperative play skills and games to each grade level (two classes at one time with classroom teacher involved). All the activities presented are designed to build self-esteem, encourage social skills interaction, develop mutual group support and focus on cooperation rather than competition.

Arrangements can be made to provide these services during the school day or as an evening special event. Reservations are required. Programs will be designed around the needs of your school. 

Studies have shown that the social impact of well-designed cooperative games programs have consistently shown an increase in cooperative behavior in games, free play, and in the classroom for children involved in these programs. Over a period of time, the children seem to become more considerate and caring of one another.

Cooperative Play In-Service for Professionals

Educational Professionals

Two recreation specialists will come to your school and provide a cooperative play in-service for your staff (teachers, P.E. specialists and recess duty aides). Cooperative play concepts will be discussed and many age-specific activities will be introduced. Staff members should come prepared to play and participate. This is a wonderful and fun team building opportunity for your staff.

Business Professionals

Get to know and interact with your co-workers in a whole different way. Bring some enjoyment back into the work place. Learn cooperative play skills that can relieve stress at work and be taught at home to family and friends. Two recreation specialists will provide play in-service at the Lakewood Community Center or at your place of employment.

Cooperative Play Shops

Are you looking for new tools to refresh your program? Have you run out of recreation ideas for your class, group or in your home? Would you like to add some fun back into your day? Try a Cooperative Play Shop.

A play shop is a two hour hands-on workshop designed to give elementary school teachers, P.E. specialists, childcare professionals and parents insight and skills to lead cooperative play activities for youngsters of all ages. All participants will receive a game booklet, participation certificate and are guaranteed to learn lots and have a great time.

  • Play Shop fee: Group of 12 participants or more at $12 per person. 

Family Play Nights

Our recreation specialists will come to your school, church or center and provide an evening of fun and activities for the whole family. Learn the importance of spending quality leisure time together playing just for the fun of it. Come dressed to play and have a wonderful evening.

Cooperative Play T-Shirts

Don't miss your opportunity to purchase a limited edition 'Play Just For The Fun Of It' t-shirt, which is heather gray, 50/50, with six-color graphic. Order yours today (253)798-4199. 


Monies generated from play shops, recess programs, Family Play Nights, t-shirt sales, and in-services help to support Cooperative Play events around the county.