Performance Audit Committee

The Pierce County Performance Audit Committee plans and coordinates performance audits and other studies designed to improve the performance and accountability of Pierce County government. The Pierce County Charter Section 2.20(1)(f) established the Performance Audit function, which is implemented through provisions of Pierce County Code Chapter 1.26.  

The committee meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m., unless otherwise noted. The committee conducts hybrid meetings, allowing for in person attendance at the County-City Building, 930 Tacoma Ave. S. in Tacoma, in Council Chambers on the 10th floor, or through remote meeting attendance via Zoom

The Committee is composed of three Councilmembers, the County Executive or designee, and two at-large members from the public, selected by the Committee and confirmed by the County Council. At-large members serve four-year terms.

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Current Solicitations

There are no current solicitations.

Performance Audit Work Program 

Performance Audit Annual Reports 

View the Performance Audit Committee 2022 Annual Report

View the Performance Audit Committee 2021 Annual Report

Reports released in 2022

Reports released in 2021

View past reports.

Performance Audit Dashboards

As part of its audit function, the Performance Audit Committee analyzes data and information to look for trends and patterns that can be used to help improve the function of government.

Visit the Performance Audit data dashboard page to see those analyses.  

The Performance Audit Committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am

The Performance Audit Committee is composed of six members: three Pierce County Council members, the county executive or designee, and two at-large members selected by the four county committee members.

The committee provides guidance and oversight on the Performance Audit function of Pierce County.

Marty CampbellChair
Amy CruverVice Chair
Jani HitchenMember
Paul HerreraAlternate
Gary RobinsonCounty Finance Director
VacantCitizen member
VacantCitizen member

Committee staff

Bill Vetter, Lead staff

Linda Medley, Clerk