Performance Audit Committee


& Organization

The Performance Audit Committee is comprised of six members: three councilmembers, the county executive or designee, and two at-large members selected by the other four.

The committee serves as the focal point of performance audit activities and oversees the performance audit program.

Currently, the membership includes:
  • Councilmember Ryan Mello - Member
  • Councilmember Amy Cruver - Member
  • Councilmember Hans Zeiger - Member
  • Councilmember Jani Hitchen - Member
  • Gary Robinson, Director of Budget and Finance - Member
  • Josh Smith - Citizen Member
  • Dick Muri - Citizen Member


Meetings are generally scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of each month beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the County Council Chambers (County-City Building, Room 1045). See the calendar for more detailed meeting information.

Performance Audit Work Programs and Annual Reports

Current Solicitations