Rules & Regulations


Conduct in all Pierce County public parks and facilities is subject to all the general police regulations of Pierce County as well as County Parks Code 14.08. It is important to be on-site early with your permit in hand. If you have questions, please call (253) 798-4177 or submit an email.

Vehicle Access

Parking fees are charged at North Lake Tapps Park and Spanaway Park and are collected upon entering the park.

Alcohol Use

It is unlawful to possess or drink alcohol in any Pierce County park site.


Scoop and leash laws apply. All dogs must be on a leash no longer than eight feet. Dogs must be under control at all times.

Music / Amplification Systems

Keep radios and tape / CD players at a sound level that does not go beyond the area you have reserved. The use of amplification sound systems cannot project beyond the area you reserved and requires a Special Use Request.

Recreation Facilities

Multipurpose fields, horse shoe pits, volleyball standards and other facilities may be available at the park but not included in your reservation. You need to bring your own equipment. Do not drive stakes into the ground to set up games, you may hit buried electrical or irrigation lines. Use of stakes requires supervisory approval.


You are welcome to bring self-contained barbecues into the park, however, they must be on legs a minimum of four feet off the ground. You are responsible for the safe removal and disposal of the coals and grease outside of the park. Do not dump coals or grease in the parks.


Pierce County Parks and Recreation intends that you find your picnic area clean and safe. In turn, please do your part by cleaning up before you leave and removing your garbage from the park. Bring plastic garbage bags and pack your garbage out.


Confetti, hot air balloons, remote control airplanes or vehicles are not allowed in the park. Dunk tanks must have supervisory approval and you must make arrangements to fill off site. Large inflatable toys require supervisory approval and a certificate of insurance.

Other Rules, Regulations, and Policies

Additional rules and policies may be in affect or posted at certain park sites and/or facilities.