Capital Facilities Planning

Capital Improvement Program

Pierce County Parks and Recreation Services' Capital Improvement Program supports projects that are needed to support the vision, goals and objectives of the department's Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PROS Plan), through planning, acquisition, design, construction and renovation of parks and/or their amenities within the park system.

All projects assist in meeting the PROS Plan goals and objectives by using a set of criteria developed to assist in the Capital Improvement Program decision-making process.

These criteria are:
  • Improves maintenance efficiency. Projects that improve maintenance efficiency or that will reduce life-cycle costs.
  • Utilizes alternative funding or partnerships. Projects that have the potential to be funded through grants, donations or partner contributions.
  • Ensures equitable distribution. Projects distributed equitably throughout the county, based on the Service Regions concept presented in the PROS Plan.
  • Provides the biggest bang for the buck. Projects where the cost / benefit ratio is favorable.
  • Implements existing master plans. Projects called for in adopted site master plans.
  • Strengthens the community. Proposed projects should be prioritized based on their ability to strengthen community identity, foster interaction between citizens and build true community.
Funding for parks capital projects comes from parks sales tax, park impact fees, second real estate excise tax, 3% of motor vehicle fuel tax, state and federal grants, donations and contributions from project partners such as cities and nonprofit organizations.