Winter Holiday Reminders

Recycle your unflocked Christmas tree in your curbside yard waste cart or at transfer stations in Pierce County. Flocked trees cannot be recycled and must be thrown in the garbage.

If you live in Milton, Orting, Tacoma, Puyallup or Ruston, contact your recycling and garbage service provider for information about special collection programs.
What to Do with Your Tree

  Remove the tree stand, tinsel, decorations and any nails or staples

  Place the tree in your yard waste container for pick up on your regularly scheduled collection day

  The tree must fit into the closed container (you may have to cut the tree into pieces)
 Holiday Recycling Information

Plain Gift Wrap
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Plain Gift Boxes

Plain Gift Boxes
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Catalogs

Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Plain Cards and Envelopes

Plain Cards and Envelopes 
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Cardboard

(Flattened Boxes)
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Fresh Cut Trees

Fresh Cut Trees
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Light Strings

Light Strings
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Electronics

Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Glass

Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Plastic Bags and Wrap

Plastic Bags and Wrap
Reuse or Donate
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Gift Bags and Boxes

Gift Bags and Boxes
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Artificial Trees

Artificial Trees
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and Bows
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Decorations

Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Toys

Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Fancy Gift Wrap

Fancy Gift Wrap
(Foil, Glitter, etc.)
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Paper Plates Towels and Napkins

Paper Plates, Towels and Napkins
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Paper and Plastic Cups

Paper and Plastic Cups
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Plastic Packaging

Plastic Packaging
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Aluminum Foil Pans and Plates

Aluminum Foil, Pans and Plates
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Plastic Trays and Lids

Plastic Trays and Lids
Holiday Reminder Thumbnails_Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging

 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Gift-giving can be stressful (and wasteful)! Try giving the gift of an experience to someone you love. Here are just a few suggestions for things to do in Pierce County:
Choose Your Own Adventure
Spend a day together! Go to a movie, bake cookies, go fishing, make crafts, play games or visit a park. The possibilities are endless.