Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles broken down on the side of the road, or those left on private property without the owner's permission.

County Road—Report to (253) 798-3444

Pierce County removes vehicles abandoned in the Pierce County right-of-way. Report to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department at (253) 798-3444.

Private Property or Road

The property owner is responsible for removing unauthorized vehicles on private property. Contact a licensed tow operator to impound the vehicle.

State Highway—Report to (253) 536-6210

The state removes vehicles abandoned in the state highway right-of-way. Report to the Washington State Patrol at (253) 536-6210.

Rules & Regulations

RCW 46.55.085
Enforcement procedure for impoundment

RCW 46.55.010
Further defines abandoned vehicles as those having been impounded by a registered tow operator


Junk Vehicle Affidavit
When no title or proof of ownership is available

Licensed Tow Operators
Links to Dept. of Revenue website
  1. Click on "Business Lookup"
  2. In the County field, select PIERCE
  3. In the "Endorsement Type" field, select "Vehicle Transport and Disposal"
  4. Under "Narrow Your Search," select "Motor Vehicle Hulk Hauler"
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