Pierce County Airport - Thun Field (PLU)

About the Airport

Our mission is to provide proactive, customer-focused service with integrity, reliability and timeliness.

Located in central Pierce County, five miles from downtown Puyallup and the Washington State Fairgrounds, Pierce County Airport-Thun Field functions as a key community transportation and emergency services facility. The airport is home to popular community events, as well as a variety of businesses including two fixed base operators, the Top Gun Bar & Grill, and the SIM Flight Center, which offers the county’s only full motion flight simulator open to the public. With Mt. Rainier only 25 miles to the southeast, Thun Field offers spectacular scenery from both the ground and the air. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike appreciate the location, the facilities, and the beautiful views of Thun Field.

PLU Yellow Plane - Mt Rainier


The runway at Thun Field, measuring 3,650 feet long by 60 feet wide, is capable of handling all general aviation aircraft, from light sport to small business jets. Available aviation support and airport services include:

Aircraft repair and maintenance
Aircraft storage and parking
Aviation fuel and oil sales
Avionics repair

Charter and business flights
Flight supplies and equipment
Flight training

Pierce County has been focusing on maintenance at the airport, and new hangar space will be coming soon.


We are available Sunday - Thursday
from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

(253) 798-3779
(253) 798-2576
Airport Manager
(253) 798-8551
After Hours Emergency 
(253) 798-6000
(253) 848-2748

Noise Complaint Hotline

Planning for the Future: Airport Master Plan

Pierce County Airport – Thun Field (PLU) situated in South Hill community serves the general aviation needs of Tacoma, Puyallup, and the larger area of Pierce County Washington. In the Master Plan report’s base year of 2018, PLU accommodated an estimated 106,300 aircraft takeoffs and landings and had 253 based aircraft, with that number expected to increase to 137,200 and 312 respectively in 2037. The airport is owned and operated by Pierce County and is classified as a regional general aviation airport by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Pierce County initiated the Pierce County Airport Thun Field Master Plan to identify 20-year improvements for the airport. The master plan identifies long-term needs for facilities, equipment and services to position Pierce County Airport-Thun Field to accommodate community growth. 

The master plan began in October 2017 and focuses on these areas:

  • Positioning the airport to meet community growth and interests
  • Accommodate existing and future aviation demands as envisioned by Pierce County
  • Align recommendations with Pierce County revenue and return benefit
  • Meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards and grant assurances

Pierce County now has a year-by year facility improvement plan which brings projects, people, and funding resources together in a coordinated manner.

Master Plan Development Timeline

Creating Opportunity

The goal of the PLU Masterplan is to provide a strategic framework for airport improvements that will create opportunities for economic development and capitalize on current airport infrastructure assets.


Key activities and improvements called out for implementation as part the PLU Masterplan are be funded through a series of grants from the FAA, Pierce County and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). Funded improvements are dependent on all partners providing funding.

Master Plan Develpoment Timeline Pierce County Thun Field