Pretreatment Program

Industrial Pretreatment and Accidental Spill Prevention

Pierce County Planning and Public Works - Sewer Division operates an industrial pretreatment and accidental spill prevention program to control discharge of toxic, harmful, or untreatable wastes to the sewer system. Several aspects of these programs are innovative and help to significantly maintain Pierce County's high-quality effluent and biosolids.

Pretreatment is appropriate for many businesses

Pierce County's Pretreatment and Accidental Spill Prevention Program applies to Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) and all commercial dischargers.

Major industries can have a major impact on wastewater treatment plants, but with a strong pretreatment ordinance and support from the county, their discharge is relatively easy to control. 

Six major industries discharge to the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, but Pierce County also has over 1,600 commercial facilities including photo shops, medical facilities, auto body shops, dry cleaners, lawn services and restaurants that, when combined, can have a significant impact on the sewer system.

Environmental benefits

Due in part to the county's comprehensive pretreatment program, effluent from the Chambers Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant meets all of the state's stringent surface water quality standards.

Biosolids are well within 40 CFR 503 Table 3 criteria for biosolids regulations, and the treatment plant has never experienced a spill or contaminant load that affected plant performance.