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Pierce County Bike Map

The Pierce County Bike Map is intended to serve as a guide for bicyclist traveling to major centers, tourist attractions and other key destinations within Pierce County. The bike map focuses on the on-road bikeways, such as roads with wide lanes, paved shoulders and designated bicycle lanes, and paved shared-use trails.

The bike map is a free publication and can be picked up at numerous locations. Please call the site ahead of time to confirm that they have copies in stock.

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Bicycle Laws

Washington State Bicycle Laws

Pierce County Bicycle Helmet Law

Any person bicycling or riding as a bicycle passenger on or in tow of a bicycle upon any public area in unincorporated Pierce County shall wear an approved bicycle helmet designed for safety that meets or exceeds the standards adopted in Section 10.22.010 C., and shall have either the neck or chin strap of the helmet fastened securely while the bicycle is in motion. The law is intended to minimize injuries involving bicyclists and motorists. Head injuries are a major cause of death or disability and studies have shown that bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by 85%.

Bicycling Resources

The following organizations and agencies have information about bicycle rides, events, legislation, laws, safety tips, and information about commuting options.
Cascade Bicycle Club
(206) 522-3222

City of Tacoma
(253) 591-5380

City of Tacoma Customer Support
Dial 311

Downtown on the Go (Tacoma)
(253) 682-1739

Foothill Rails-To-Trails Coalition
(253) 468-9060

ForeverGreen Trails
(253) 307-9873

Heritage League of Pierce County

King County Parks and Recreation

(206) 296-0100

Kitsap County Public Works
(360) 337-5777

Lewis County Trails

Mason County Parks and Trails
(360) 427-9670

Mount Rainier National Park
(360) 569-2211

Pierce County Parks and Recreation

(253) 798-4176

Pierce County Planning and Public Works
(253) 798-7250

Pierce County Road Maintenance
(253) 798-6000

Pierce Trips
(253) 581-8008

Tacoma Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau
(800) 272-2662

Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club
(253) 759-2800

Thurston County Bicycle Map
(360) 956-7575

Public Transportation
(800) 872-7245

Greyhound Bus Lines
(800) 231-2222

Intercity Transit (Thurston County)
(360) 943-5211

Pierce County Ferry
(253) 798-7250

Pierce Transit
(800) 581-8000

Sound Transit
(800) 201-4900

Washington State Ferries
(888) 808-7977

Washington State Department of Transportation
(360) 705-7596

Safety Tips

Obey All Traffic Laws-Bicyclists are required to follow the same traffic laws as motorists. Bicyclists should obey all traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings.

Ride With Traffic-Bicyclists should always ride in the same direction as traffic. Riding against traffic is illegal and unsafe. Motorists are not looking for bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road.

Dress Appropriately-Any person bicycling or riding as a bicycle passenger in any public area in unincorporated Pierce County is required to wear a bicycle helmet.

Ride A Well-Equipped Bicycle-Bicycles should be adjusted to fit the rider properly and should be outfitted with bells, rear-view mirrors, fenders, and baskets or bike bags. Bicycles are required to have a white headlight and a red rear reflector when ridden at night.

Ride Defensively-Bicyclists should always be aware of adjacent traffic. Ride in a straight line whenever possible and to the right of traffic when riding on roadways. Bicyclists should leave adequate space between themselves and parked vehicles.

Use Hand Signals-Hand signals tell motorists of the bicyclist's intended actions. Bicyclists should use hand signals before making turns and lane changes.

Other Bicycle Maps

You can also view a copy of the Washington State Bicycle Map or other local and regional bicycling maps from around the state at the Washington Department of Transportation website.

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