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Survey Monuments

A survey monument defines roadway alignments and property boundaries.

Franchised Utility Information

In order for a utility company to place their facilities (pipes, wires, poles, etc.) in the county road right-of-way, they must have a franchise agreement in place with Pierce County. 

Manual on Accommodating Utilities

The 6th Edition of the Manual on Accommodating Utilities went into effect Aug. 1, 2021. Learn more at

Utility Permit Information & Applications

Permits may be required depending on the magnitude of the work a utility company plans to perform. The specific information on classes of utility permits is detailed in the Manual on Accommodating Utilities.

For the most up-to-date permit forms and contact information, please see the printable/editable forms below. We are currently not able to process permits online.

View the Permit Fee Schedule.

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