Chair - Councilmember Shannon Reynolds

City of Fircrest

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Vice Chair - Councilmember Brandon Green

City of Buckley

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City of Auburn

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant

City of Bonney Lake

  • Representative: Councilmember Justin Evans
  • Alternate: Councilmember Gwendolyn Fullerton

City of Buckley

  • Representative: Councilmember Brandon Green
  • Alternate: Vacant 

Town of Carbonado

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant

City of DuPont

  • Representative: Councilmember Kevin Ballard
  • Alternate: Councilmember Beth Elliott 

Town of Eatonville

  • Representative: Councilmember Kyle Litzenberger
  • Alternate: Mayor David Baublits

City of Edgewood

  • Representative: Councilmember John West
  • Alternate: Mayor Daryl Eidinger

City of Fife

  • Representative: Councilmember Bryan Yambe
  • Alternate: Councilmember Abby Drivdahl

City of Fircrest

  • Representative: Councilmember Shannon Reynolds
  • Alternate: Councilmember Nikki Bufford

City of Gig Harbor

  • Representative: Councilmember Brenda Lykins
  • Alternate: Councilmember Julie Martin

City of Lakewood

  • Representatives: Mayor Jason Whalen and Councilmember Paul Bocchi
  • Alternate: Councilmember Don Anderson

City of Milton

  • Representative: Councilmember Tim Ceder
  • Alternate: Councilmember Dave Strader

City of Orting

  • Representative: Mayor Joshua Penner
  • Alternate: Councilmember Melodi Koenig

City of Pacific

  • Representative: Councilmember David Storaasli
  • Alternate: Vacant

Pierce County Executive

  • Representative: Executive Bruce Dammeier 
  • Alternate: Vacant

Pierce County

  • Representatives: Councilmembers Robyn Denson, Dave Morell, and Ryan Mello
  • Alternates: Councilmembers Marty Campbell, Jani Hitchen, and Paul Herrera

Port of Tacoma

  • Representative: Commissioner Deanna Keller
  • Alternate: Commissioner Kristin Ang

City of Puyallup

  • Representatives: Deputy Mayor Ned Witting and Councilmember Dennis King
  • Alternate: Vacant

City of Roy

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant

City of Ruston

  • Representative: Mayor Bruce Hopkins
  • Alternate: Vacant

Town of South Prairie

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant

Town of Steilacoom

  • Representative: Councilmember Roger Neal
  • Alternate: Councilmember Elizabeth Grasher

City of Sumner

  • Representative: Councilmember Charla Neuman
  • Alternate:  Deputy Mayor Cindi Hochstatter

City of Tacoma

  • Representatives: Councilmembers Keith Blocker, John Hines, and Olgy Diaz
  • Alternate: Councilmember Joe Bushnell

City of University Place

  • Representatives: Mayor Pro Tem Javier Figueroa and Councilmember Denise McCluskey  
  • Alternates: Councilmembers Stan Flemming and Edward Wood

Town of Wilkeson

  • Representative: Councilmember Ashley Murphey
  • Alternate: Vacant 

Ex-Officio/Non-voting Members

Pierce County Library District

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant 

Pierce Transit

  • Representative: Darin Stavish
  • Alternate: Erik Jaszewski

Puget Sound Regional Council

  • Representative: Paul Inghram
  • Alternate: Pavithra Parthasarathi

Puyallup Tribe of Indians

  • Representative: Andrew Strobel
  • Alternate: Vacant

South Sound Military & Communities Partnership

  • Representative: Bill Adamson
  • Alternate: Vacant

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Jessica Gehle

Washington State Department of Transportation

  • Representative: Ashley Carle
  • Alternate: George Mazur

Clerk to the Council

Melissa Morris

Email Melissa Morris

Mailing Address:

Pierce County Regional Council

Attention: Melissa Morris, Clerk

2401 S. 35th Street, Suite 2

Tacoma, WA 98409