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Summer Construction: Anderson Island Pavement Resurfacing Project 

The Anderson Island Ferry Parking & Loading Lanes resurfacing project is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 15. This project will last approximately 45 days, and will include repaving, striping, sidewalk improvements and landscape management. Please adhere to all posted traffic signs and follow instructions from the construction crew. There may be minor impacts to ferry service, parking, and loading lanes.  

Work hours

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (No work will take place on Labor Day or the Friday before Labor Day.)

Traffic & pedestrian impacts

  • Aug. 11: Some parking stalls limited for mobilizing equipment.
  • Aug. 15 - Mid- Sept.: Sidewalk and ramps closed while crews reconstruct sidewalk to meet ADA standards.
  • Beginning Aug. 15: Loading lane 1 closed, some parking limited. 

Phase 1 - Construction of holding lane 1 and ADA ramps/sidewalks

During work hours, loading lane 1 and adjacent sidewalks/ADA ramps will be closed. 

  • Crews will maintain a minimum of one lane of traffic to and from Larson Road. 
  • To facilitate morning commuter ferry traffic, loading Lane 1 will close after the 7:35 a.m. ferry departs Anderson Island. 
  • While the loading lanes sidewalks are closed, the sidewalk along the south side of Yoman Road (between Yoman Road and the parking area) will remain open. 
  • During non-working hours, loading lane 1 will be reopened to traffic. 
  • The sidewalk and ADA ramps will remain closed throughout Phase 1.  
  • A minimum of 20 parking stalls will be available at all times.

Traffic control:

  • Should loading lanes 2 and 3 fill up, the contractor will provide traffic control to utilize the east bound lane (toward the ferry landing) of Yoman Road and one lane in the parking lot as holding lanes.
  • To facilitate part of the parking area being used as a holding lane, crews will install enter only signage at the upper parking lot access and install an exit only sign at the lower parking lot access point.

Other information: 

  • Longer trucks and truck-trailer combinations are not able to navigate through the parking lot and will need to be placed in holding on Yoman Road. 
  • At completion of Phase 1, the holding lanes will be open to traffic, all the curbs, sidewalk(s), ADA ramps, and patches to the pavement will be complete. 

Project schedule

(Please note that construction schedules are subject to change. Some of these work activities are weather dependent.)

Aug. 11 - Notice to proceed; Crews mobilize and begin site preparations.

Aug. 15 - Construction Phase 1 begins 

Early Sept. - Phase 2 begins 

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