Pierce County Ferry System Projects

Anderson Island Ferry Parking & Loading Lanes

The Anderson Island Ferry Terminal Parking Lot and Loading Lanes Resurfacing project will include repaving, striping, and landscape management. The project will be re-advertised for bid in spring 2022 to ensure all granting agency requirements are met and the project can be completed within the recommended paving schedule.

  • Construction date: Spring/summer 2022
  • Duration: Approximately 9 weeks

Dry Docking Both Vessels

This project is required approximately every five years to ensure continuous maintenance and preservation of the vessels. The first phase of the M/V Christine Anderson Dry Dock project will include machinery overhaul, system modernization, hull inspection and repair, Coast Guard Certification, and painting.

  • Dry docking date for M/V Christine AndersonMid-September 2022
  • Duration: Approximately 50 working days

Anderson Island and Steilacoom Apron Rehabilitation

The following projects include the removal of each apron in order to replace the hinges that connect to the cement transfer span and rehabilitation of the apron lips. Additional work includes minor repairs to the apron frame, sandblasting, painting, and installing new non-skid surfaces.

Anderson Island Apron Rehabilitation

  • Construction date: TBD
  • Duration: Approximately 9 weeks

Steilacoom Apron Rehabilitation

  • Construction date: TBD
  • Duration: Approximately 1 weeks

Steilacoom Apron Rehabilitation

  • Construction date: TBD
  • Duration: Approximately 10 days

Anderson Island and Steilacoom Transfer Span Bearing Rehabilitation

This project will include the replacement of the bearings that support the landside of the Anderson Island and Steilacoom transfer spans. The bearings will be redesigned to provide easier maintenance and a longer service life in the future.

Steilacoom Transfer Span Rehabilitation 

  • Construction date: Anticipated construction in summer/fall 2023 
  • Duration: Approximately 30 days 

Anderson Island Transfer Span Rehabilitation 

  • Construction date: Anticipated construction in summer/fall 2023
  • Duration: Approximately 30 days

Steilacoom Terminal 

Utility Line Repairs

Potable water and wastewater pipes were damaged in a severe weather event in late 2021. Plans to repair the broken utility lines include developing a project and providing system upgrades to prevent future weather-related issues.

  • Construction date: Summer/Fall 2022

Gangway to offline boat 

The gangway to the off-service boat in Steilacoom was damaged on Jan. 21, 2022, when the “I” beam fell from the pilings that supported it. The cause is likely due to a faulty weld that failed while the piles were moving in a wind-driven chop and a steep ebb tide. We are working with a professional engineering and construction group to assess if the damaged components can be repaired or if they require a complete replacement. A cost estimate is not available as the damage assessment is still ongoing. Repairs will include both restoration of access to the boat, as well as upgrades to ensure future weather events do not impact infrastructure.

  • Construction date: Summer/Fall 2022

*Construction dates for the above projects may be subject to change. 

Town of Steilacoom Roundabout Project Update

RoundaboutThe Town of Steilacoom is in the home stretch of its roundabout project. Crews will be installing streetlights and road markings with minimal impacts to ferry riders. 

Benefits of the new roundabout at the intersection of Union Avenue, Rainier Street, Martin Street, and the Pierce County Ferry loading lanes include improved traffic flow at the entrance of the loading lanes and expanded capacity of the queueing area by roughly 10 cars. 

As a reminder, please follow all posted traffic instructions and laws when driving through the roundabout and entering the loading lanes. Also, no matter what direction you are entering the roundabout, the flow of traffic should always be counterclockwise.

Ferry Planning

  • 2020 Ferry Schedule Pierce County incorporated input from a ferry schedule customer survey and the Anderson Island Citizen Advisory Board's ferry committee in planning an updated 2020 schedule.
  • 14-Year Ferry Program The 14-Year Ferry Program (2020-2033) is a ferry system planning document required by state law. Pierce County embeds this document annually with the County's Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).
  • 2015 Waterborne Transportation Study  Most recent report with recommendations for improvements to the Pierce County Ferry System. The study included: population and demographic changes projected through 2034, service changes that would enhance island economy and livability, financial sustainability of the ferry system and 14-year capital needs of the ferry system. 
  • 2013 Ferry Service Evaluation The purpose of the 2013 Ferry Service Evaluation was twofold: first, to evaluate several proposed service changes that have been suggested, and second, to evaluate the results of recently implemented and historical service changes that have been put into effect. The Pierce County Ferry System will use this study to determine future potential schedule changes to better serve its customers. 
  • 2003 Waterborne Transportation Study Prior report with recommendations for improvements to the Pierce County Ferry System.

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