What is a Watershed?

"We all live in a watershed — the area that drains to a common waterway, such as a stream, lake, estuary, wetland, aquifer or even the ocean — and our individual actions can directly affect it. Working together using a watershed approach will help protect our nation's water resources. A watershed approach is the most effective framework to address today's water resource challenges. Watersheds supply drinking water, provide recreation and sustain life. More than $450 billion in food and fiber, manufactured goods and tourism depends on clean water and healthy watersheds." ( US EPA, 2002 )

Watershed Approach to Water Quality Management

Surface Water Management staff provide support to four watershed councils in Pierce County. Watershed councils depend on partnerships with cities, resource agencies, nonprofits, academia, and residents to improve water quality and habitat, educate,  increase public awareness about watershed health.
Learn more about the councils and the four watersheds in Pierce County:

Annual Special Events
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See respective watershed council pages or links for details.

Are you part of a group that would be interested in having a guest speaker give a presentation about the one more of the watershed councils? Use this link to request a free presentation.
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