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When you get involved, you help protect water quality and improve fish and wildlife habitat for future generations. Our everyday actions can have a big impact on the water quality in our streams, rivers, lakes and Puget Sound. Take simple actions to prevent water pollution, volunteer to plants trees, mark storm drains or attend an event. Get involved in helping to protect the environment and make our community a safer, healthier place to live, work and play.
No action is too small when you commit to making a positive impact on our environment. Learn how you can give back and explore volunteer opportunities in your community:
  • Mark storm drains – Install markers next to storm drains to remind others “Only Rain Down the Drain.”
  • Watershed councils – Learn about and work with your local watershed council to improve water quality and raise awareness about water pollution and watershed health.
  • Spanaway Lake Management District No. 1 - In 2021 property owners along Spanaway Lake approved formation of the Spanaway Lake Management District No. 1 to help manage water quality, restore habitat, and monitor the 250-acre lake.
  • Pierce Conservation District – Help measure water quality or plant trees next to your local stream.
  • Harbor Wildwatch - Become a beach steward and help lead educational beach walks.
  • Citizens for a Healthy Bay – Help restore habitat around Commencement Bay and surrounding waters.
Do Your Part to Prevent Water Pollution 
Learn more about simple actions you can take to prevent water pollution at home, on the road and on the water.
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