Reserve Officers' Administration

Roles & Responsibilities
The Pierce County Risk Management department administers the Pierce County Reserve Officers Local Board of Trustees. The board reviews and approves requests for pensions, reviews incident reports and authorizes payment of medical expenses due to duty-related injuries or exposures.

The Board members consist of:
  • One reserve officer elected annually by the reserve officers of the county
  • The board’s secretary
  • The county auditor or their designee
  • The sheriff
  • Two members of the County Council

In Case of Injury
If you are serving as a reserve officer for Pierce County and are injured while in the line of duty, following the instructions provided to you through your reserve officers’ training which includes notifying your supervisor, and completing the online Accident Report Card. Additionally, the Report of Accident form must be completed and submitted to the local board.

Pension Program
The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Officers participate in the pension program. To apply for retirement benefits contact the state board for the appropriate paperwork. Once the paperwork is completed, submit it to the local board for review and signatures.