Police Reports

Online Reporting

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is happy to offer citizens the option to report some limited incidents online that occur within our jurisdiction and do not require you to wait for a deputy to physically respond to the location.

When To Use It

Online reporting may not be used to report emergencies or in-progress crime. If you have an emergency or are reporting a crime that is in progress, please call 9-1-1 immediately.
Generally a single online report incident will not rise to the level for follow-up investigation, however, reporting these incidents may help identify patterns of criminal activity or behavior that can assist detectives in solving crime in our neighborhoods.

Benefits to Online Reporting

Additionally, online reporting allows citizens to provide details, especially regarding property loss, that can be checked by agencies throughout the state and nation to help with the recovery of stolen or lost property.

File Your Report Online

To find out if your incident qualifies for an online report and to complete the online report form, please be sure to read and follow the instructions before you submit the form. The application will walk you through the reporting steps for eligible incidents that occurred in unincorporated Pierce County.

Online Vehicle Collision Reporting

The Washington State Patrol is now providing a new program that allows citizens to submit a collision report online. The program can only be used to report collisions that were not investigated by a law enforcement agency. Click here to access the program; please direct any questions or issues about the system to the Washington State Patrol.