Civil Process Unit

Civil Unit Duties

We serve legal papers, handle evictions and enforce court orders


We serve legal documents in Pierce County and serve protection orders only in unincorporated areas. 

City police departments serve protection orders to their residents.  Please click on the following link for a list of police departments. city police agency.

Serving Papers

Please give us information about the person or business you need to serve. We require an instruction letter or the service information form. We need a physical address to serve your papers.  We charge a fee to serve most legal papers but by law we serve protection orders for free.   See our information regarding fees.

Service at Joint Base Lewis-McChord  (JBLM)

We need the social security number and/or date of birth for the service member you need us to serve. We will contact the service member's chain of command and ask that they order the service member to come to the Military Police Administration Office to be served.  We normally go to JBLM on Wednesday mornings.  We can also serve dependents at their residence on JBLM. The military does not allow us to serve civilian employees or National Guard or Army Reserve members. Madigan Army Medical Center limits the types of documents we can serve. They only let us serve Guardianship papers to patients and Subpoenas to medical providers.