Proactive Property Crimes Unit

The Proactive Property Crimes Unit was created in 2016. The unit specializes in the investigation of burglary, auto theft, fraud and felony property theft cases. The unit is responsible for the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen or damaged property each year.

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

SIU is responsible for drug enforcement, vice enforcement, property seizure, metal theft, identity theft, and providing technical support for covert investigations to related crimes.

Drug Investigations

SIU has overall responsibility to investigate all drug related activities in Pierce County. These investigations generally start when tips are received either via phone, internet, or referral from other agencies.

Although marijuana has been legalized in Washington, we still see many unlicensed grow operations whose product is transported to areas of the country where marijuana is still illegal. Methamphetamine, heroin and prescription pills continue to be t the forefront of our investigations. Each of our investigators are issued Narcan to protect them from any inadvertent exposure.

Vice Investigations

SIU provides emphasis in areas of known prostitution to include street prostitution, outcall services, internet prostitution, and prostitution associated with certain business establishments in Pierce County and enforcement of adult entertainment ordinances. No officers are specifically assigned to work this area and the unit does not receive dedicated funding for vice enforcement.