Sex Offenders in Pierce County

Registered Sex Offenders

The Washington State Registered Sex Offender Law began in 1990. The law was later amended to include kidnapping offenders in the registration program (1997). Since the law was enacted, over 2,500 convicted sex / kidnapping offenders have registered in Pierce County. In accordance with the law, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department is required to maintain the registration information for the convicted offenders living in the entire Pierce County area. Local law enforcement agencies in the incorporated areas of Pierce County are responsible for making sure the offenders living in those jurisdictions are residing at the addresses they reported on their registration forms.

Registration Law

The Sex / Kidnapping Offender Registration Law allows the Pierce County Sheriff's Department to register and track convicted offenders. However, the law does not allow the Sheriff's Department to dictate where the offender lives. The State Department of Corrections does have limited authority to restrict living choices for offenders who are still on probation or parole for their crime(s).

A Useful Tool

The Registration Law is a useful tool for law enforcement officials and the community. It allows us to gather and maintain information on convicted sex / kidnapping criminals living in our community. Again it is a tool, and not a source to create fear or hatred within the community. This site is not meant to violate anyone's privacy or livelihood. It is a tool to inform the public and provide information as allowed by State Law. Please do not misuse or abuse the information we have provided on this internet site.

For More Information

For more information, continue to read about the classification levels and more detailed information about the laws pertaining to registered sex offenders.