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The Human Services Department's Community Action Resource for Education and Employment Readiness (CAREER) program has over thirty years of experience assisting Pierce County residents with employment barriers. The CAREER program is part of the Community Action Programs Division. Check out the video below explaining the important services that are provided.

Pierce County CAREER program services include an in-depth assessment of employable skills, job search training, connection to community and technical colleges, coupled with counseling on how and where to search for employment and case management. Participants are assisted with overcoming barriers preventing them from engaging in employment and training components to include transportation assistance, safety clothing, temporary housing and utility assistance, child care subsidy, personal hygiene and grooming, school supplies, and tools or equipment needed to secure employment. We also have a computer lab available for participants to use for working on resumes and job search activities. There is unlimited computer use in the lab during regular business hours, 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Program participants must meet the below income guidelines:

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Household Income Guidelines

Household / Family Size Income
1 $41,800
2 $47,800
3 $53,750
4 $59,700
5 $64,500
6 $69,300
7 $74,050
8 $78,850

BFET (Basic Food Employment and Training)

The Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) program helps basic food recipients improve their employment prospects through voluntary participation in job search, training, education, or workfare activities. The goal of the BFET program is to assist basic food recipients in obtaining living wage employment leading toward self-sufficiency.

Participants in the BFET program are assisted with writing effective resumes, enhancing interview skills, obtaining a high school equivalency certificate, improving reading, writing, and math in Basic Education for adults, and so much more!  You may qualify for BFET if you are receiving or qualify for basic food assistance and meet the income guidelines below. 

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BFET Income Guidelines

Household / Family Size Gross Monthly Income
1 $2,023
2 $2,743
3 $3,463
4 $4,183
5 $4,903
6 $5,625
7 $6,343
8 $7,063
9 $7,783
10 $8,503
Add for each person over 10 $720

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The Pierce County Human Services Department also has employment programs available for residents within our Developmental Disabilities programs. Find more information here.