Inmate Programs

Pierce County Corrections Inmate Programs

Pierce County Corrections provides a variety of opportunities to assist the inmates in custody and to enable them to enter the community with a more positive experience.

Chapliancy Services Provided

Our provided services include the following:
  • Weekly Religious Services.
  • Correspondence study program.
  • Obtaining and distributing inspirational books and literature.
  • Processing attendance lists for various inmate programs.
  • Spiritual studies and visitation.
  • Personal and emergency crisis counseling.
  • Verifying and notifying inmates of illness and death of family members.
  • Assisting the Humane Society regarding inmates' animals.
  • Help inmates connect with individuals, organizations and agencies providing after-care programs

Other Services Provided

AA/NA Meetings
  • Volunteers Provide support in group settings along with AA/NA literature
Eyeglass Assistance
  • Distributing reading glasses to indigent inmates
  • Opportunities are in the planning stages for Domestic Violence Prevention as well as expansion of current General Education Programs
Religious Diets
  • We process special diet requests for religious and philosophical ideals
Religious Items
  • We assist inmates in obtaining approved items relative to their worship

For More Information

Learn more about the Programs by contacting the Program Coordinator at (253) 798-2960.
For all Chaplaincy Services please call 253-798-2187